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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...

Well, it's been a while since we posted.

I feel pretty bad about it and need to make up good reasons why I did not have time to write...other than that I don't have blogging in my blood. I enjoy reading updates on others, but for some reason do not think others have time or desire to read mine. I think most of us feel like life is pretty much the same, day to day, so we feel our lives are boring. Especially compared to what Darcy went through a few months back. And this is excuse number one.


1. Darcy.
We went to the states for almost a month in December. We were in Colorado helping Lee's parents care for Jeb and Darcy's four children, as Darcy began to recover her strength. Because we were not here, we felt there was not much to report from the field. And we were a bit crazy getting life up and going again when we returned, so blogging took the back seat! But to give you a brief Darcy update, she is doing amazingly well. You would never even know all she went through if you saw her on the street. Sure her energy is not yet up to what it was, but baby Elliott is sleeping through the night and that helps. We are really SO thankful to you ALL for all the prayers, love, and support you showed her! Thank you so much!

2. Illness.
Since returning in January, we have all had rounds of the tummy bug lasting well over a week! And it hit hard! Amelia was the last to get it and seems to be improving although the last two mornings she had a "urgent morning bath" if you know what I mean. To be sick also puts the urgent things at the top of the list and the other things don't get done...sadly blogging is not at the top of my list, ever.

3. Another little miracle.
Although we thought we might never have natural children again (because we moved away from the medical options Dallas offers), we are now expecting! And it truly is an amazing surprise! I have just come out of the first trimester where naps were essential to survival. And blogging had to happen during Amelia's afternoon nap! So no blogging...

So we WILL be much better at blogging in the days to come, hopefully...

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